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GAP/RTI from TSC Cars

Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection and Return to Invoice insurance: what it is and why you need it.

If you were to be amongst the 500,000 unfortunate people in the UK whose vehicles are written off each year, then you will receive an insurance settlement for the current market value of the vehicle at that time – which will be much less than you paid originally. No one wants to think of what could happen down the line, but practical planning will ensure that your vehicle will remain a secure investment, even if the worst happens.

Depreciation is inevitable and we can’t change that - but if the vehicle is declared a Total Loss, having our combined GAP/RTI policy in place will cover the financial shortfall between the original purchase price and the insurance settlement, meaning that in total you will receive exactly what you paid in the first place, up to a maximum payout of £20,000.

EXAMPLE: You buy a four year old car from us for £5,000. Eighteen months later, that car is declared a Total Loss and the insurance company make an offer for the vehicle – but it is for the current market value, which is £3,000. GAP/RTI will pay the £2,000 shortfall, taking the amount to the purchase price of £5,000.

Key benefits of our GAP/RTI:

    Cover lasts for up to three years (five years if a finance arrangement was taken out)
    One claim limit which is for up to a maximum of £20,000.
    No excess contributions if you make a claim.
    Available for all cars up to a purchase price of £75,000, 10 years old and 100,000 miles at the policy start date.

Your vehicle will qualify for GAP/RTI providing:

    It is up to 10 years old at the policy start date
    The invoice price is less than £75,000
    It will be fully comprehensively insured throughout the term of the policy
    The vehicle is less than 3.5tonnes in GVW
    It vehicle will not be used for hire or reward (e.g. taxi, speed testing, etc.)

A copy of the full terms and conditions for our GAP/RTI is available on request.

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